Please, come in!

Parsons X Teen Vogue Assignment of the hour ­čÖé RETAIL MARKETING! A little light reading on visual merchandising was provided and encouraged to begin the assignment. Here are my takeaway points from the article: –Sales per square footage is an important way to measure profitable success in a brick and mortar retail space. –Retail space … More Please, come in!

Baby, come back

For the┬áParsons x Teen Vogue Fashion certificate assignment completion, I had to create a striped textile to then construct my signature bag. Here is my mockup bag: In keeping with my Body as Canvas mood board theme, I decided to update the quite functional fanny pack (or waist purse) with abstract stripes as my striped … More Baby, come back

Mission: Mockup

Parsons X Teen Vogue Mission should you chose to accept it: Create a mockup of a signature bag. My Mockup — Waist purse (AKA fanny pack for those of you who are old enough to remember them…) Based on fabrics inspired by your┬áVisual Style Mood Board, define the production costs and estimated retail price for … More Mission: Mockup

Are you listening?

I recently completed an assignment for the “Working in Fashion Media” portion of the Parsons x Teen Vogue Essentials of Fashion Industry certificate program. One word. Hootsuite. I always KNEW there was an easier way to manage your social profiles at the same time! Thanks to Parsons x Teen Vogue, I discovered the secret sauce. … More Are you listening?


(Pic of my tattoo on my right inner wrist. ┬áC for Church. ┬áMy middle name. ┬áMy mother’s middle/maiden name. My maternal grandmother’s married name. ┬áMy core value is family, this tattoo honors the important women in my life, my mom and my maternal grandmother.) March 25, 2016 was my last official day as an occupational … More Authenticity