Baby, come back

For the Parsons x Teen Vogue Fashion certificate assignment completion, I had to create a striped textile to then construct my signature bag.

Here is my mockup bag:


In keeping with my Body as Canvas mood board theme, I decided to update the quite functional fanny pack (or waist purse) with abstract stripes as my striped textile.

I used scotch tape and Martha Stewart Fabric paint in gold to stripe 1/2 yard of 48″ wide muslin fabric.

Instead of using my sewing machine, I used a stapler with standard 1/4″ staples. It was speedy and a surprisingly good stress reliever!

Here is my finished product…


And of course, to top off the assignment…I had to figure out production costs to make the bag and the suggested retail price.

According to my calculations:

Signature Bag – Waist Purse
1/2 yard 48″wide Muslin ($3.99/yard) $1.99
Fabric paint Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint, 2oz. GOLD $2.99
1 roll Scotch Tape ($14.99 for 6) $2.49
Staples (Used one full strip (210 staples/strip, 3750 staples/box, $4.35/box)) $0.24
2 hours @ $9 $18.00
Total production cost $25.71
20% profit $5.14
Total cost plus profit $30.85
Estimated retail price $35.00

Of course with increased production and streamlined processes of production, the time of fabrication would decrease and thus increase overall profit.

So, I’m thinking about setting up a shop on Etsy…


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